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Waxing Combos

If you don't see what you are wanting a waxing package tailor made for you can be arranged and quoted. Just ask either by phone or email us at room907beauty@hotmail.co.uk.

Eyebrows, Cheekbones, Ears & Nostrils - £15.00 (30 mins)

Full Back, Chest & Abs -£30 (60 mins)

Full Leg and Mexican/Cuban* - £60-£70

Cuban & full back*- £55-£65

(aka Back, Sack & Crack 60 mins)

Full Body Package 1*

(From Eyebrows down inc. a standard speedo wax) £80-£100 (Up to 2 hours)

Full Body Package 2 * (From eyebrows down inc. Mexican/Cuban) £100-£130(Up to 2 hours)

* Includes free homecare product on your 1st wax.

When it comes to waxing the more you keep up to it ie.every 4-8 weeks then the easier it will be both for yourself and for your therapist.

That is why your 1st visit may cost more as we allow for the extra time it takes.


These take between 15-30 mins per area.

Chest  - £15

Abs - £10

Chest & Abs - £20

Lower Back - £10

Upper Back & Shoulders - £15

Full Back & Shoulders - £20

Nape of Neck - £9


These take between 15-30 mins per area.

Eye Brows - £9

Nostrils - £9.00

Ears - £9.00

Cheekbone - £9.00

Hairline - £9.00


These take between 15-30 mins per area.

Full Arms & Hands - £22

Half Arm (Upper/Lower) - £17

Hands & Fingers - £10.00

Underarms - £9.00


These take between 30-45 mins per area.

Full Legs & Feet - £30

Half Leg (Upper/Lower) - £22

Feet & Toes - £9.00

Intimate Waxing

These take 30 minutes per area. When making your appointment just tell us the given name of your chosen wax ie. Bermuda.

Speedo Line - £12 (Top crease of thigh)

Neat Speedo - £15-£20 (Top crease of thigh & bottom)

Buttock Cheeks - £15

Buttock Crack - £15

Bermuda* - £15-£20 (Buttock Cheeks & Crack)

Hawai *- £25-£30 (Scrotum Inc Penis)

Barbados* _-£30-£40 (Scrotum, Penis & Pubic Triangle)

Mexican *- £40-£50 (Scrotum, Penis & Buttocks inc. crack)

Cuban - *-£40-£50 (Pubic Triangle, Scrotum, Penis and Buttocks inc. crack)

This is from a satisfied customer:

I recently booked myself in at Room 907 for a male version of a "Full Hollywood Wax". Straight away the ladies at the salon made me feel at ease whilst booking my visit a week in advance, making sure that my visit would be at the right time with regards to hair growth, otherwise it would have been pointless. When arriving at the salon Enza was with another client but again the girl on reception with long dark hair and dressed in a fabulous Halloween outfit made me feel completely relaxed. The waxing by Enza was no where near as painful as the times before at other salons (have had about 7 hollywoods in the past), but I can honestly say that she was more thorough than any and glad to say that I am totally smooth in all the right places, I have checked but am struggling to find a hair. I now feel happier & more confident with my look (to the extent that I have joined a naturist club:0)). If you are reading this and are uncertain whether to go for the totally bare look then definitely give Enza and the rest of the team a try, you will be delighted with the results.