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Relaxing Aroma Body Massage

60 minutes - £50

90 minutes - £75

120 mins -£90

Deep Tissue Aroma Body Massage

60 minutes - £55

90 minutes - £80

120 minutes - £99

We use Swedish massage technique which includes arms, chest, stomach, legs, back and scalp if you choose. Following a through consultation your therapist can tailor this massage to concentrate on your specific aches and pains. Nb. We cannot spend more than 30 mins on one area.

Stress Therapy Back & Scalp Massage - £38.00

Allow 45 minutes

Stress Therapy Deep Tissue Back & Scalp Massage - £42.00 (Most Popular)

Allow 45 minutes

This definitely our most popular massage. Including a back massage to work out those knots followed by a relaxing scalp massage. Leaving you feeling refreshed and re-newed.

De-Stress Back Massage

Deep Tissue - £29.00 - Allow 30 minutes

Relaxing - £27.00 -  Allow 30 minutes

Following your consultation we will concentrate on your specific tension to work our those pesky knots. This treatment could also be done on the legs or arms.

Luxury Back Massage - £38.00 - Allow 45 mins

Luxury Deep Tissue Back Massage - £42.00 - Allow 45 mins

An indulgent combination of a refreshing back exfoliation followed by a  relaxing or deep tissue back massage. The perfect treatment to take away all that tension you are carrying around. Not only will your skin feel amazing but you will also feel truly pampered. 

Scalp, Neck & Shoulder Massage - £25

Allow 30 minutes

Perfect if you suffer with Migraines or headaches. This is a very popular treatment for people who sit at a desk a lot. This treatment is performed sat in a comfy chair with a cosy blanket wrapped around you. Let us ease out that stress and tension that so many of us carry in our shoulders and scalp.

Deep Tissue Leg Massage- £29

Allow 30 mins

Perfect for someone who does a lot of sport or just gets restless legs. This one isn't for the faint hearted but you will feel great after. A great one for someone who gets Sciatica. nb. this is not a sports massage.

Deep Tissue Back and Leg Massage -£55

Allow 60 minutes

This is an amazing treatment if you struggle with leg and/or back pain. Your therapist will discuss your needs and create a massage specific to you. This will be quite uncomfortable for some people but you will really feel the benefit. Only book this is you enjoy a deep tissue massage. nb. this is not a sports massage.

Deep Cleansing Back Treatment - £42.00

Allow 45 minutes

A unique deep cleansing as well as purifying and balancing treatment to decongest, hydrate and restore clarity to this area where the condition of the skin is easy to neglect. Ideal for all problem skin conditions. May include Microdermabrasion if required.

Essential Oil Top to Toe Treatment - £85.00

Allow 120 minutes

The ultimate de-stress!! Customised Face and body treatment. Take one of our unique advanced performance Monu skin treatments and combine it with the relaxing effects of an aromatherapy body massage for pure relaxation.