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A facial isn’t a namby pamby pamper session just for girls.

Yes a facial is incredibly relaxing and you do feel pampered, but a facial is also very hard working. A facial is a professional treatment with lots of good science behind it.

Skin Consultation (15 mins) Free

A friendly chat to decide which treatment will be best suited to your needs.

Mens Express Skin Cleanse (30 mins) £25

During this treatment your skincare specialist will devise the best solutions and process to freshen and maintain your skin. (Ideal to combine with a back massage)

Mens De-stress Facial (60 mins) £38

Believe it or not guys but facials are very relaxing. We hold a great deal of tension in our head and neck, this treatment while cleansing your skin will also leave you feeling refreshed. Including a shoulder, neck and scalp massage you will be struggling to stay awake during this amazing treatment.

Mens Deep Skin Rejuvenation (60 mins) £46

After a through consultation your skincare specialist will advise and carry out a treatment best suited to your needs. This could include Microdermabrasion which is designed to deep clean the skin and aid in surface repair.

CACI Non Surgical Facial (60 mins) £44

This is an electrical facial and is like sending your face to the gym. Using micro-current technology we will start to strengthen and tone you facial and neck muscles. This will help with concerns such as frown lines, jowls etc. This works best as a course of treatments. Please ask for more details.