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Treatments For Hands & Feet

We use only the best and safest brands, CND,  Gelish, CJP and NSI. 

Standard polish is available for any of these services please just ask.

Please be aware we charge an extra £8 to remove any nails not done in our salon due to extra time needed.


Gel Polish File And Paint - £25 - Allow 30 mins

File and shape nails, also includes cuticle work with gel polish or standard polish.

Add £5 for gel polish removal.

Gel Polish With Builder Gel (BIAB) - £35 - Allow 60 mins

Gel Polish With Builder Gel Infill (BIAB) - £35 - Allow 75 mins

Full Manicure With Gel Polish - £30.00 Allow 45 mins

A treatment including everything in the file and paint but also utilising specialist care products to restore and maintain hands and nails. Includes hand exfoliation, massage and cuticle conditioning and gel polish.

Add £5 for gel polish removal.

Full Manicure With Builder Gel And Gel Polish - £48 - Allow 90 mins

Luxury Manicure With Gel Polish - £45.00 -Allow 75mins

Includes a full manicure as above with the addition of a paraffin wax treatment, ideal for dry skin.

Add £5 for gel polish removal.

Luxury Manicure With BIAB And Gel Polish - £55 Allow 1 hr 45 mins

Conditioning Hand Treatment - £25 - Allow 30 mins

This is a manicure without the paint.

An excellent treatment for those who DO NOT want their nails painting. This is ideal for someone with dry skin for extra nourishing and softening. 

Luxury Conditioning Hand Treatment - £37 - Allow 45 mins

As above but with the addition of Paraffin wax which is perfect to nourish dry skin and is a real treat.


Gel Polish File And Paint Feet - £25 Allow 30 mins

Full Pedicure With Gel or standard polish  – £38.00 allow 60 mins

This treatment incorporates a luxurious foot bath, exfoliation and energising lower leg and foot massage along with cuticle work and hard skin removal that will leave you walking on cloud nine!

Add £5 and 15 minutes for gel polish removal.

Luxury Pedicure With Gel polish - £45.00 - 75mins

Includes a full pedicure as above with the addition of a paraffin wax treatment for extra luxury and hydration.

Add £5 and 15 minutes for gel polish removal

Conditioning Foot treatment - £37.00 - Allow 45 mins

(A Pedicure without the paint)

An excellent treatment for those who DO NOT  want their nails painting but need extra nourishing and softening ideal for dry skin on feet. This does include treatment of the skin, nails, cuticles and hard skin.

Luxury Conditioning Foot Treatment - £43.00 - Allow 60 mins

As above but with the added benefit of a Paraffin wax treatment which is ideal for dry/hard skin and is a real treat for the feet.

Nail Art 

French Paint (any colour) Add £5 and 15 mins

Basic Nail Art - Add £8 and 15 mins

Includes basic lines, dots feature nails

Detailed Nail Art - from £16 and 30 mins

If you are wanting any nail art please let us know ahead of time as we will need to allow extra time. It is always a good idea to send us a picture of what you are wanting so that we can get an idea of how long it will take us.

Gel Polish Removal & Tidy - £20.00 allow 30 mins

Add £10 and 20 minutes if you have builder gel on.

Nail Extensions 

We do Acrylic, Hard Gel or BIAB to suit your needs using CND or NSI products.

Full Set Natural/White Tips - £46.00 allow 75 mins

Full Set With Gel Polish - £46.00 allow 75 mins

Full Set Removal and Re-apply £53.00 allow 90 mins

Add £5 for gel polish

2-3 week Infills - £35.00 allow 45 mins (inc upto 2 nail repairs.)

Infill after 3 weeks - £40.00 (inc up to 4 nail repairs)

Removal of full set – from £20.00

Nail Repair - £5.00 per 15 mins

“I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and... I believe in miracles.” - Audrey Hepburn