"Wow!! I am so glad I found the girls at Room 907. I have been searching for such a long time to find a place that does a REAL Hollywood wax. Finally I have found a place that has such a warm and welcoming atmosphere you feel completely at ease you almost forget what your having done. (Almost!!) " From Katy Spence (Leeds)

People travel from all over West Yorkshire and sometimes even further to be in our safe hands. Our therapists who specialise in Hollywood and Brazilian waxing techniques are as skilled as they are confident. Our clients say we are the best and we challenge anyone to prove them wrong.

This is a reputation we intend to keep and we guarantee you will be happy with the results.

What is a Hollywood/Brazilian wax?

Hollywood - This removes all the hair from the pubic region including the bottom.

Brazilian - This removes all the hair from the pubic region except for a strip on the pubic bone. This can be as thick or as thin as you desire. Also includes the bottom.

Are they a popular treatment?

Extremely popular! Intimate waxing counts for at least 90% of all the bikini waxes we do. There is nothing taboo about wanting to be clean and tidy.

Will it hurt?

We wish we could say no however most ladies find it is never as bad as they expect. Once you have had it done couple of times the hair will start to grow back less and finer. Resulting in an easier and much more comfortable treatment.

I'm on my .

This will not make any difference to your therapist. If your bleed is heavy you can wear a tampon.

What wax do you use?

We use mainly Outback Organics Hot wax/non strip wax for all delicate areas and we may then use strip wax on the non-sensitive areas. But be assured your therapist is fully aware of what she is doing at all times.

What do I need to do before my appointment? All you need to do is make sure the hair is at least a centimetre long.

I'm embarrased! It's perfectly normal for you to be nervous the first time you come however it really is not necessary. Our therapists are professional yet friendly and you will soon find yourself chatting about your favourite TV show and the nerves will dissapear. So often women tell us how comfortable and at ease they feel.