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In a fast paced world you want a treatment that really gets down to the core of the problem and that is exactly what you will get

Why not book your free consultation today and get a treatment plan to suit you.

-Skin Consultation Free allow 15 mins

If you are having difficulties deciding what the best treatment is for your skin concerns then why not let us help you? We will assess your skin and suggest the best route for you to take.

-Caci Ultra Non-Surgical Skin Renewal £88.00 allow 120 mins

‘The Queen Of Anti-Ageing Treatments.’ Using Caci, the most up to date anti aging technology available. This non intrusive facial combines three amazing techniques into just one treatment. ‘Micro Dermabrasion’ aids to rid the skin of dead cells combined with the ‘Caci Non-Surgical Face Lifting’ treatment that strengthens and tighten the neck and facial muscles. And as if all that was not enough we will then apply a specialised mask which is suitable for your own individual concern.

-The Caci Classic £45.00 allow 60 mins

£40 When you book and pay for a course of 4 or more

Using the Micro Current System to lift, tone and re-educate the facial muscles and leave your skin feeling firmer with a more clear and youthful appearance.

-The Caci Ultra £49.00 allow 75 mins

£46 When you book and pay for a course of 4 or more.

Using the Ultra Micro Current System to lift and re-educate muscles; smooth deep lines and wrinkles; improve the elasticity of the skin; tighten, tone and lift the face and leave the skin revitalised and glowing.

-AHA/BHA Derma-new £46.00 allow 60 mins

Perfect for those dull, congested, oily skins. Including the deep exfoliation of Micro Dermabrasion combined with the cleansing benefits of AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids). This fantastic facial is 100% cleansing and not for the faint hearted! It is ideal for spot prone skin that does not seem to respond to any other products. Give your skin the clean of its life.

-Collagen Dermal Renewal £46.00 allow 60mins

Does your skin always feel dry or tight? Are you constantly putting moisturiser on? If so this is your facial. Dry skin is worsened by layers of dead skin sitting on the surface and never being removed. So let us rid you of dull/tight and lifeless skin. Using the exfoliating benefits of Micro Dermabrasion we will be able to infuse your skin with collagen to plump out fine lines and completely re-hydrate it.

-CACI Eye Renewal £46.00 allow 60 mins

£42 when you book and pay for a course of 4 or more

The Ultimate Anti-aging Eye Treatment. Using Caci Micro current technology to lift/tone and firm the muscles and tissue around the eyes to plump out fine lines are re-hydrate this delicate area. 

Why not add the Bio-Collagen eye mask for only £10

-Microdermabrasion Facial £44.00 allow 60 mins

An amazing treatment for a dull tired skin. This treatment will remove the surface dead skin using abrasive crystals and leave your skin feeling soft and clean. This is also ideal for spot prone, congested and oily or acne skins.

-Active Collagen-Bio Facial £45.00 allow 60 mins

The ultimate hydrating facial treatment. This treatment hydrates and brightens a dull tired skin.

-Aromatherapy Facial £39.00 allow 60 mins

A treatment to relax, unwind and release the senses. Leaving you looking and feeling rejuvenated - All skin types.

-Mini Facial £28 allow 30 mins

Perfect if you just need a little pampering. (Ideal to combine with a massage service.)